Seven Sisters Tour, Grenada

Seven Sisters Falls

Looking to experience the beauty and nature of Grenada? Then one of the hikes that you really must experience is that to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Located close to the Grand Etang Lake, the Seven Sisters Waterfalls really are made up of seven waterfalls and are worth a look. The water is crystal clear and fresh enough to be tasted. Take your swim suit and suitable shoes as the track can be a bit slippery if it has recently rained. You’ll walk through rainforest vegetation and pass large bamboo plants and other tropical flora including beautiful  heliconia flowers.

Falling Into Water!!

If you love the idea of winding your way through the Grenadian rain forest during your Grenada holidays than this fantastic excursion will more than fulfil all your hiking needs! If you love the outdoors and engaging in open air activities, then you will have the perfect chance to do so amidst the most unspoiled natural surroundings. All nature lovers will agree that this is the single most perfect tour natural tour in Grenada and one you certainly shouldn’t miss. Come along this fabulous hiking and trekking experience only fit for true adventurers and explorers at heart.

Price Includes

  • Transportation & Guide
  • Park Entrance Fee
  • Lunch and Snacks

All trips are subject to weather conditions. Minimum of 4 students participating. Included as part of the ‘Full Elective’ package.